Will income inequality ever disappear?

Good news!

Yes! Income inequality will disappear, and soon!

George Orwell had a lot to say on the subject. In his book on socialism, 1984, he pointed out how words must be reinvented because people get wise to the con.  The term “income inequality” is the latest novel way socialists have found to propagate their ideas.

Income inequality is not a theory of how humanity can advance as a whole. It’s just a nice Newspeak way of saying jealousy and envy. It is about tearing people down, not building humanity up.

In the short term, the term will be discarded and replaced because it is no longer useful.

Humanity will progress and become more rational. Instead of allowing emotion to influence our decisions, we will begin to understand that capitalism is the win-win proposition that leads to the greatest amount of good possible. Not only that, it does so without coercive force. It is the invisible hand that incentivizes and creates new technologies.

Those that promote the ideas of privilege or income inequality understand that it can never achieve its goals, because its goalposts are always moving. Capitalism is the thankless force that makes people’s lives better with new technology.

However, we should be concerned with how the income is gained. We should look at the politicians who utilize ideas like income inequality to gain power and money. They seek to control and segment people groups. They pit them against one another in the gladiatorial combat we call politics.

We should look for those who have found ways to extract wealth, rather than create it. We should revise incentive structures that penalize intelligent individuals that work hard.

So, for three reasons, income inequality will go away:

  1. When people began to embrace rational thought instead of irrational emotion.
  2. When they see that income inequality is not about solving problems, but amassing power.
  3. When they see that income inequality is just the latest Newspeak word du jour.

When these things come to pass, income inequality will most assuredly disappear.


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