My Latest Project: Arrows of the Leviathan

There’s a new novel coming soon, a novel about events that have been put into motion by the advent of cryptocurrency. While the novel has been designed to entertain its audience, it’s also meant to educate people and even evangelize them toward cryptocurrency.

First, let’s talk about why.

Bitcoin adoption: The road ahead, and why humanity is on the brink of something great.

Some people believe that Bitcoin will become a powerful currency based on its merits along. While that’s possible, we need to acknowledge why Bitcoin exists.

Satoshi Nakamoto recognized that government’s manipulation of the money supply was a fatal flaw, a problem which has not gone away. An enormous amount of money is seemingly conjured out of thin air to mask the flaws of governance, a burden that will ultimately topple the poorly foundationed structure of the world economy. When that collapse happens, a large-scale reorganization of the world will occur. The cultural groundwork laid before that choice is critical. Massive societal change will come from the ashes of this failed system. If we embrace the status quo within our current culture, we will sink into a new dark age at the inception of our brave new world.

Cryptocurrencies will offer a temporary safe haven for those who act before the storm sweeps overhead. Given the case with many of today’s third world economies, cryptocurrency offers the citizens of such nations a way around corrupt, confiscatory governments and toward greater financial stability and prosperity. Humanity is on the brink of something great, but humanity’s next era of progress is being held back by government in its current form.

We Can Steer Society Toward Freedom with Cultural Works. Cryptocurrency aficionados march to the beat of a different drum. They’ve found a way to wax their ears against the elite’s siren song and break a hold that financial and political leaders previously commanded. In light of this success within cryptocurrency, the problem with adoption isn’t cryptocurrency itself; it’s that the man on the street doesn’t understand it. A widespread cultural shift is required for broad cryptocurrency adoption.

Humans have developed their storytelling abilities over time to communicate different messages. Since our beginning, we told stories to explain where food exists, enemies to avoid and how to navigate various lands and waters. Where a picture is worth a thousand words, the right story can be more persuasive than a million statistics. How many people have been introduced to solid arguments about merit and capitalism by Rand? Have been taught about governmental power by Orwell? Have learned about humanity from Huxley?

Cultural works can change our society for the better. We can cultivate a culture of freedom.

About the Book Leviathan is a heart-stopping action adventure techno-thriller. Like Brad Thor, Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler? Enjoy a twist of James Bond or the current storylines from the Call of Duty series? Take a look at this book. Here’s a bit of the synopsis:

A grieving veteran’s life turns upside down when he joins a team pursuing a billion dollar bounty. A team of hackers, spies and soldiers-of-fortune chase Debyan Radchenko, alleged terrorist and inventor of a revolutionary Cryptocurrency. Spurred by a mysterious benefactor providing advanced technology, the team collides with rival hunters and the World government. From the dusty alleys of post-coup Saudi Arabia, an information broker’s Goan fortress to the gleaming skyscrapers of Hong Kong, the veteran fulfills his promise to his beloved at a mysterious island.

This entertaining book is far from a heavy, ideological, speech-driven data-dump. Designed to entertain, it also portrays near future technologies like parametric design, nanotech, cryptocurrency, drones, 3D printing and quantum computing. Moreover, it shows how a new societal structure can make our individual lives better and reveals the dark future our elites are taking us toward as well as how we can pull out of it.

A trip into a dystopian future A trip into the future, the book plays out the battle of collectivism versus individuals. It presents the logical outcomes of the lives we are currently living: a world government that is not concerned with individual liberties, but is concerned with maintaining power for an elite group.

Major Themes Explored in Arrows of the Leviathan

Voluntaryism, The Moral Government Voluntaryism is a major theme of the book. I outline how a society that revolves around this idea is not only possible, but preferable. Our governments penalize work, intelligence and efficiency with taxation. The more we penalize those who work intelligently and hard, the more we reap failed communities. As a tool of Voluntaryistic thinking, Cryptocurrency has broad applications for additional transparency and efficiency in government.

Elites and Collectivism Through popular culture, the elites are programing our society, dictating how we should think and act. While they create nothing, these elites continue to enjoy unmerited prestige and power.

The Importance of Efficiency, Creation and Property Those that create wealth deserve to keep it. We need them to make more wealth, not only for themselves, but also for society. We all gain in the win-win transactions that free-market capitalism allows. Cryptocurrency offers more potential for creators to be compensated for their work.

About Me I had two dreams graduating college. One was to be self-employed, and the other was to write a successful novel, establishing a career writing stories. The first of these was achieved in short order through my work as independent software developer. Now, I’m working on the second part, creating exciting stories, and even more, making a living from it.

The Story’s Universe My overall concept is to span the story across six books and several generations within the same universe. Each book jumps 10 years into the future. Some characters perish, some thrive. In each of the books, we get to see the reasons and motivations for those choices as well as consequences represented by our character within the story. A book to bring in new investors, bringing their capital and additional virality. There are a lot of liberty-minded people that know nothing about Bitcoin. Conservatives and Libertarians that don’t have technical knowledge don’t understand what crypto has to offer. They fight the same fight, but there’s not enough overlap.

My wish is to evangelize Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to new audiences. I also am excited about the second generation of cryptocurrencies like NXT and Ethereum.

Bring it on There’s a definite power structure in place within our world. The goal in Arrows is to show readers plainly what that power structure looks like and show them there is a better way than the status quo.

In short, the book advocates for cryptocurrency, voluntaryism, capitalism and for creation of new technology. It’s something you’ll love to read and recommend to friends.

I’ve completed the first act, and even hired an editor to review it. Take the time to read the first few chapters, and follow me on Social Media to get updates on the book. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Medium. Constructive tips are always appreciated.

I’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign to gain the additional amount needed. A contribution to this book is an investment in the future of cryptocurrency.

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