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It’s no surprise. Cryptocurrency aficionados march to the beat of a different drum. They’ve waxed their ears against the elite’s siren song and break a hold that financial and political leaders previously commanded. In light of this success within cryptocurrency, the problem with adoption isn’t cryptocurrency itself; it’s that the man on the street doesn’t understand it. A widespread cultural shift is required for broad cryptocurrency adoption.

Humans have developed their storytelling abilities over time to communicate different messages. Since our beginning, we have told stories to explain where food exists, to tag which enemies to avoid and to show how to navigate various lands and waters. Where a picture is worth a thousand words, the right story can be more persuasive than a million statistics. How many people have been introduced to solid arguments about merit and capitalism by Rand? Have been taught about governmental power by Orwell? Have learned about humanity from Huxley?

About the Book

Yes, cultural works can change our society for the better. Just as Rand, Orwell, and Huxley challenged our society’s perceptions with their works, we can continue to cultivate a culture of freedom with further works that are relevant to our society. Arrows of the Leviathan is a heart-stopping action adventure techno-thriller is all about cultivating that culture by bringing the message of cryptocurrency to the masses.

The year of the story is 2024 in a world divided by those wanting change and those afraid of what the change means for their establishment. Everything crashed in year 2020. Food and energy costs skyrocketed to unimaginable levels. Nations ground to a halt, and people desperately cried out to their leaders for answers.

Amid the chaos of the global economy, people around the world began embracing a mysterious new cryptocurrency as their de-facto monetary standard. Commonly known as the Ducat, the new currency offered shelter from confiscation and inflation and an anonymous marketplace for transacting business. But stability provided by the Ducat was short-lived. Seen as a threat to the world’s ruling elite, the cryptocurrency has been declared illegal by the elites’ new organization, the Central Planning Committee for the Equitable Distribution of Wealth. Yet even with the new worldwide laws and taxes of the CPC, the Ducat and its advocates have continued to thrive underground.

What’s more, a new challenger to the CPC’s power has stepped forward. The Emerson Corporation has introduced its world-changing innovation: inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and easily transported energy. With the power hold of the elites in question, everyone is watching with bated breath to see how the CPC will react.

What will happen to the cryptocurrency? Will Emerson’s drive for further change in society survive against the established norm? Can greater awareness lead people to move away from the unhealthy norms they have become comfortable with?

Why am I crowdfunding this project?

I love Kickstarter. It’s a fantastic platform, a great way for individuals to introduce the public to their visions. It’s democratising creation and helping to start new influential products in our society. In the past, a slough of gatekeepers stood in the way, where–much more now–the only limit is the merit of the idea.

Crowdfunding also has a very attractive collaborative process. We might say it’s a beacon of hope. Someday we will fund projects that are beyond the scope of government’s role of protection of people and property. It’s wonderful to collaborate with many others who come alongside to help your vision become reality.

Crowdfunding also lets people value a project. Although I plan to publish separate episodes of the book via Yours and Steemit, putting dollars and cents to the project helps people realize, well, just how much sense this makes. Launching through kickstarter helps reach technologically minded folks who have not yet bought into the cryptocurrency phenomenon. It makes no sense to preach to the choir!

Why should you back this particular Kickstarter?

You Enjoy Thrillers

If you like the excitement and action that comes with great mystery story, filled with twists and turns, or even have a passion for international settings, exotic locales, and interesting characters, you’ll find the worldwide chase for Radchenko in Arrows of the Leviathan is woven with the threads of these plot elements. The characters own interests and motivations impact the conflict between a corporation that has the power of a nation versus an actual worldwide government. These entities, their motivations, and also the individuals behind the conspiracy make for a great action-packed thriller.

You Like Freedom and Spreading the News

This book advocates freedom of ideas. It’s about opening eyes and showing people that the way we currently do things is not the only way. We can make our societies better by examining and evaluating our current processes for needed change and then embracing sound economics and technological progress.
Our government’s current pattern of thought is unfortunately antithetical to these free market principles. Politicians like the status quo. They like the positions of power they hold. They like the unquestioned ability to extract wealth, rather than assisting those who build it. And if we are to better ourselves, this must change.
Choose to pledge and read the book yourself. Pledge to get copies for your friends, and pass them to like-minded individuals and naysayers alike.

You Like New Technology and Think it’s Humanity’s Hope for a Brighter Future.

If you’re like me, new tech fascinates you. Whether it’s new ways of creating energy or new materials that can revolutionize how we build what we need. I’m especially interested in the potential of 3D printers. What happens when we’re able to build with multiple materials? What about resolutions and sizes that the current state-of-the-art functionality does not provide, both on a micro and a macro scale?
Arrows of the Leviathan involves real-life, up-and-coming tech, such as Graphene, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, blended wing body aircraft, new weapons technologies and technical concepts. There’s also a strategic mix of gigantic submarines, hollowed-out mountains, a city built from scratch, and a mess of the latest military hardware such as the Eurofighter, PAK-FA, the Joint Strike Fighter and advanced MRAPs. These technologies are available now or will be in the near future.
Sorry to say, but there are no laser guns in this story. I know. What’s a good technothriller without a laser gun? However, their expected development in the far future means they miss the boat for this novel. What I’ve included in Arrows are technologies that we will see or can plan to see within ten to twenty years. I’ve aimed for realism, and I’ve tried to keep the technology and the action as real as possible in this technothriller.
If you like new technology and learning about it in magazines such as Popular Science or Wired, I think you’d enjoy reading this book.

So what do I need you to do?

  1. Read. New chapters (Beta Versions!) are being released episodically on,, and the first two acts are available for download.
  2. Pledge. Whatever your comfort level, each bit of support helps. You can also donate on Steemit or as new chapters come out.
  3. Spread the word. There’s strength in numbers, so post it, tweet it, pin it, share it. Or even just shave it into the side of your head. Whatever gets the word out.

So now that all that’s out on the table, let’s make this novel happen!

See where it all began. Chapter 1 on Steemit.

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